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Search for nature's secrets this weekend

Be amazed by a walk through a wood during The Wildlife Trusts Woodland Wildlife Weekend (from 25th to 26th April). Bluebells, orange-tip butterflies, red campion, the chiming of chiffchaffs and the fruity-rooty-tooty of blackcaps &ndash...

Tuck into a tasty meat menu

Try out these recipes in honour of National Beef Week (20th to 26th April 2015) and have a succulent beef dinner the whole family will love   Steak and Green Olive Tepenade 

Biscuit finds a home

Adopting an animal with Battersea gives dogs and cats a family they desperately need, however sometimes finding them a home is tricky. For National Pet Month (1st April to 5th May 2015) we find out about Biscuit and his journey to findi...

Enjoy a hearty beef lunch

It's National Beef Week (20th to 26th April 2015) and we've put together a lunchtime menu with quick beef favourites for you to enjoy   Slow Shredded Beef Brisket with Sweet Onions ...

A day in the life of a zoo gardener

Graham Eyre, Horticulture Manager at Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire, is the man behind the planting, habitats and luscious surrounds many of us take for granted when visiting a zoo. We caught up with him to find out more about a day in th...

How to check your pets at home

It's National Pet Month (1st April to 5th May 2015) and Adam Henson shows us how dog owners can carry out quick and easy home-based health checks, with a simple step-by-step video guide

Tales of kitty companionship (part one)

Cats can mean the world to their owners, we look at the touching stories of past Cats Protection National Cat Award finalists to find out why our feline friends are so important this National Pet Month (1st April to 5th May 2015)

Growing for flavour with James Wong

In celebration of National Gardening Week (from 13th to 19th April) we spoke with ethnobotanist and television presenter James Wong to find out more about his new book, Grow For Flavour, and to discover some of his top gardening tips

Welcome to LandLove

LandLove celebrates a more traditional way of life and the beauty of the British countryside, its flora and fauna. In tune with nature and the changing of the seasons, it offers recipe ideas using seasonal British produce from the market, the garden and the hedgerows.

But that's enough about us, we would love to hear about your favourite experiences in the countryside. Do you have any country wisdom or discovered a special place on a recent walk that you'd love to tell us about Please contact us and let us know, we would love to hear from all of you.

Meet our cat & dog of the day!

Every week from Monday to Friday we'll be showing you gorgeous pooches and moggies that need rehoming from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Click the pictures to find out more on how you can help


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